Meeting Guidelines

Confidentiality - Everything shared in the group is confidential and is not to leave the meeting. To respect members' privacy, we avoid discussion of group members who are not present. This includes talking about details that were shared at other support groups.

Sharing - Sharing is encouraged, but not required. Listening can be valuable too. Our members are encouraged to listen and support each other and to share feelings and experiences.

Respect - We avoid side conversations and offering suggestions or methods for "fixing" another person's problems to allow them to experience their grief. Each member grows as she expresses herself and listens to others. 

Acceptance - We accept one another unconditionally. No shaming or blaming. The group accepts members just as they are and avoids making judgments.

Timing - Our meetings begin and end on time: begin at 7:30 pm and end at 9:00 pm. Sometimes the “official” meeting will end and the conversations continue; members are not obligated to stay and participate in these conversations after the meeting end time.

Guests - We encourage members to bring guests, if the guest is a mother and she has suffered the loss of a child 17 and under.