Call for Submissions

We're working to normalize the emotions, experiences, and everything else that comes with grief by talking about it. We view our blog as a place to offer tools or helpful perspectives in order to help other grieving moms. We share our stories for the grieving mom who reads them and says, "Me too."

Journey Through Loss of a Young Child is looking to share your stories, poetry, or thoughts about grief and/or losing a young child (0-17 years old). We welcome a variety of formats, views, experiences, and ideas, so please feel free to submit. Submissions may be edited to fit the blog format.

We reserve the right not to publish articles that are submitted that we feel do not support our goals or that we feel are disrespectful in any way. 


Check Out Our Articles

Before you begin, please read through some of our articles to get a sense of what has been covered and the tone of our blog posts. 


Submission Guidelines

We have put together a PDF of our Blog Submission Guidelines. Click  the "Get Guide" button to download the file. 


How to Submit an Article

Submissions will be reviewed for suitability. If your submission is chosen for publication, you will be contacted prior to its publication.